eDesigners, E-nabling a Virtual World

There are many web design companies out there that can develop elaborate sites - but a website is about more than fancy gimmicks. At eDesigners we focus on turning your on-line presence into a business and marketing tool. We take a look at the bigger picture and first and foremost establish why you are creating a website. Then with your target audience and your goals in mind we design a unique, tailor made website (with all the snazzy graphics!) that focuses on achieving those goals.

The Managing director of eDesigners, Anjana Gunatillake and the Team of eDesigners share a strong belief in the "can-do" attitude. It's all about defying the barriers and providing the client with the most innovating solution possible. eDesigner's world-wide exposure to best practices, passion for IT and conviction in providing the highest levels of service conceivable has brought us the International success in the web solutions industry with our UK based company V Designers which operates on an innovative model, known as the Virtual Collaborative Model. Anjana's creative genius, unique web designs and the gift of understanding your business values which wows many a critic has served him well in an illustrious career serving major local and international conglomerates.

The re-launch of eDesigners, a brainchild of Anjana, in a new light to provide the small businesses of Sri Lanka with the much needed international web exposure combined with a world class customer service. Anjana heads a highly talented team, dedicated to upholding the company culture initiated by him, as is reflected in the exceptional quality of work they generate. 

Our Vision

The eDesigners vision is to help local/international small businesses be more Productive, more Profitable and more Popular by harnessing the power of the internet through tailored web solutions, E-marketing Solutions, high quality products and excellent customer service.

Our Belief

eDesigners believes in a customer service philosophy known internally as 'world best practices'. Due to our world wide experience in customer services and best practices we believe in being 'beyond world class' by emphasising on quality and customer service rather than concentrating on profit margins. The eDesigners values identify that profits and business growth is a by-product of excellent customer service. The usage of the latest technology and innovation is at the heart of eDesigners and facilitates the customer service ethos we believe in. Ultimately we hope to achieve our vision by providing the best quality products, the best possible prices, the latest in technology and 'beyond world class' customer service.

Why E-Designers ?

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We are passionate about designing and developing innovative Web Solutions for our clients and end-users. Our primary objective is to provide solutions that improve the business profitably for our clients.
We take on challenges. We have a diverse portfolio that allows us to utilize vast industry and technical knowledge on your project. Our process is the most practical and efficient and very easy to understsand. We take pride in our client retention ratio. We strive for perfection but we’re not sticklers. We work hard, but we have fun doing it. We do what we say, We do it with respect, We do it with integrity, We are accountable for our actions and inactions, We exercise and encourage open communication, We make tough decisions, We work as a team, We respect our team members and support them in any way we can, We strive for personal improvement, We utilize our time wisely, We execute with speed, We are success driven.