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Increase traffic, rankings and conversions with an E-Designers SEO Strategic plan. We are proven leaders in SEO. We use the latest and ethical best practices when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), offering a website structure and e-marketing strategy that is unique to you and your target audiences enabling you to progress and prosper your business on the world wide web. We don’t just SEO – we bring the right targeted audience in to ensure the optimal results.

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Did you know that 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results? Your customers will only click the first few links that appear in Google and unless your site is professionally optimized for the keywords, you’ll lose out on valuable business. Why get a brand new website if no one’s going to see it? We have SEO experts with hands on experience for more than 10 years in our team, ensuring your website is highly optimized, delivering the recognition you deserve on the cyber space.

Search Engine optimization

what is seo?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) There are numerous different factors that account as to why your website has a certain ranking on Google for a particular search term. We closely look at your competition, evaluate the best plan of attack and unleash our powerful expertise to ensure your website gains the traction it deserves. SEO starts before your website has even been built. Our Team is capable of identifying the gaps and does competitive analysis to get you that extra edge which needs to beat the competition.

What is SEO

our results speak for themselves

eDesigners has a proven track record of delivering great improvements for website traffic and conversion rates through our Strategic SEO plans which covers almost every vital aspects of the Search Engine Algorithms. There’s no better way to demonstrate our SEO process than our own website, which currently ranks first when searching across likely keywords for web design companies in Sri Lanka.

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track your goals

We provide goal tracking so you can take your customer service to levels you never before thought possible. Whether you want to track sales on your new online store to know what colour is the most popular, what device customers are purchasing from, or whether you want to know how many people have clicked your “book now” button but why they didn’t fill out your form, we can tell you through goal tracking. Goal tracking gives advanced insights to your business and can improve service and sales in a variety of ways with the use of Google Analytics.

Track your SEO goals

google analytics for statistics

We use Google analytics to track statistics for all of our SEO clients. Analytics is the benchmark for website tracking and gives us an endless amount of data so we can drill deeper into your websites performance and identify the behavior patterns and trends. The information we gain through this invaluable resource allows us to optimize your site and find out what areas of your site are thriving and which areas need more attention.

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